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I honestly hate writing pieces like this. For the longest time I was such a strong advocate for Russell Westbrook. I even wrote about him check that article out here:

It’s frustrating defending a player that does not improve, and is so unwilling to improve. It truly breaks my heart to see Westbrook and the Wizards struggle like this.

For the longest time Russell Westbrook has been berated and ridiculed for his style of play. …

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Superteam this, superteam that, everybody likes to talk about superteams.

LeBron fans love to criticize the move that Kevin Durant made to Golden State, and like to criticize what the Nets have been doing recently. What so many of them fail to realize is who started this trend to begin with.

Newsflash that person was LeBron Raymone James Sr. (And yes, that is his real middle name.)

Every time I bring this FACT to LeBron fan’s attention, they quickly rebuttal with “well the Celtics were a superteam, they did it first!!”

Another classic example of casual LeBron fans with recency…

Chris Paul does not nearly get enough credit. He is easily a top 10 point guard of all time and yet the impact that he has on teams still seems to get overlooked.

During these past two seasons Chris Paul has really shown me a lot, and what he has accomplished over these past two seasons needs to be magnified.

When Paul was traded to the Oklahoma City Thunder, an overwhelming number of people believed that the Thunder would end up a lottery team that season including myself.

What should we have expected from a 34 year old point guard…

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Most would say that it is fairly obvious that Jayson Tatum is the Celtics best player, but too many nights it doesn’t seem that way.

With a talent as great as Tatum it should be abundantly clear that he is their best player, but some games it seems as though Kemba Walker or Jaylen Brown is their best player.

I wrote an article on why I believe the Celtics should either get rid of Jayson Tatum or Jaylen Brown. Read that article here:

This season the Celtics have underperformed, as they are currently under .500 …

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The Utah Jazz currently have the best record in the NBA and yet no one is taking them as a serious championship threat. Why is that?

The Lack of a Legit Superstar

Years ago I falsely predicted Donovan Mitchell becoming a superstar.

I was wrong about that, but it is clear that Mitchell has improved since then. Even with the improvement, most would categorize Mitchell as a star, not superstar.

I know a lot of people have different definitions of what they consider a superstar to be. I actually briefly went over the term superstar in this article here:

Just to reiterate my definition, a superstar…

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Don’t sleep on this Rajon Rondo trade. The Clippers dramatically disappointed us in last year’s playoffs, and as I was watching the playoff games I pinpointed their main issue.

The Clippers’ glaring flaw during last year’s playoffs was their lack of a playmaker.

I would have loved to have seen Chris Paul return to the Clippers because he would have been an ideal fit, but Rondo is no slouch.

Too many times during that playoff run, the Clippers’ offense was struggling to score. They needed that play maker to help make their teammates better, someone who can get their own…

Yes. One of the biggest reasons why Kyle Lowry is a Hall of Famer is because the Basketball Hall of Fame is by far the easiest professional sports Hall of Fame to get into.

Some former NBA players and coaches have nicknamed it the hall of the “very good“. A lot of people feel as though that the Hall of Fame is now reserved for the good or above average players, and is no longer withheld for the elite.

The first thing that we should look at in this argument should be the comparison to the people already in the…

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Absolutely not, and I’ll tell you why.

I know that Devin Booker is now a fill in All-Star to replace Anthony Davis, but he didn’t initially get in. People were appalled and confused as to why this happened.

The biggest reason why I say that Devin Booker didn’t get snubbed is because prior to this season, Devin Booker and the Suns have not done much of anything remotely significant or noteworthy.

In Chris Paul’s first season with the team he has the Suns as the 4th seed in a very competitive Western Conference. …

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Year after year, after year I hear so many complaints about “All-Star” snubs on these five win teams.

Last year it was Bradley Beal not making it and this year some complained about Trae Young not making it. Some were also upset that Zach Lavine wasn’t an All-Star starter.

I really don’t understand people‘s philosophy behind us. It is completely understandable for people to push for Beal making the team last year. I get that, but if your team is not winning, how much of an All-Star are you?

People act so surprised and astonished when this inevitably happens every…

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Giannis needs more offensive moves. I was watching a Bucks game the other day and was absolutely disgusted with the lack of offensive arsenal that Giannis possesses.

If he’s not on a fast break he is useless. Every time that he is forced to slow the game down and play in the half court, he is far too easy to guard.

His only offensive moves are to spin, overpower you, or spin again.

He doesn’t have much of a post game, he isn’t a great playmaker, he doesn’t have a great handle, and the main way that he scores in…

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